What do you do?

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    Just thought we can share what we do for our job.

    I am currently trying to do affiliates, and hoping to see some money.

    What is your job?



    I promote Ameriplan USA, Discount Benefits plans. Dental, prescription, vision, chiropractic, and medical. I like it because it’s an honest business, and something many folks really need.

    Gary W Dunaway
    ” The Benefits Guy “



    I’m selling Tupperware online only. So far have had great success with it but now Tupperware is changing their rules for buying adwords, so struggling. Any ideas?


    garyd wrote:
    I promote Ameriplan USA, Discount Benefits plans. Dental, prescription, vision, chiropractic, and medical. I like it because it’s an honest business, and something many folks really need.

    Most you do are related to my affiliate products. We are in need of affiliates. If you wish, you can visit and register at:
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    My wife and I are Watkins associates. She concentrates on the retail end and I concentrate on sponsoring new associates. It’s been pretty exciting to date.



    I am a student.



    I’m Rose Nino from UT. I am an Executive Independent Distributor with Isagenix International. After trying Isagenix and seeing how much it changed my health & wealth, I knew I had a moral obligation and a strong desire to help others to do the same.




    My name is Sheila and I’m a work at home mom of two. I too found myself looking for something I could do to earn extra money. I came across this from a work at home forum that I frequent and have to say it’s a dream. I asked a lot of questions and had them all answered before I got involved with it and I’m glad to say that I did. You may enjoy something that is easy with no sales and phone work with a written guarantee to your success. This is all I do now and I can’t believe the response I’m having. I get residuals for life and I’m helping other people get financial freedom. It’s soooo EASY! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to help.


    Please read it entirely at :

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    I have been with Coastal Vacations for a few months now and it is going pretty good. My husband quit his sales job 2 weeks ago to do it full time with me. So far, it has been great for our family. A little tight on the budget, but that is ok, we are just getting started! He gave up a guaranteed weekly draw, but we have seen others have great success with Coastal, that we strongly believe that there is no reason why we can’t as well.

    I wish everyone success!




    I do whatever I want, all day long 😀

    (talk me awhile to get here, though….:cool: )



    I am with Coastal Vacations. We sell travel packages in wholesale price of $1295. Its retail value is way more than $15000. We earn $1000 per sale. Since it’s not mlm, we get to keep whatever we earn. Our directors help and train us and we do our first 2 sales in their supervision. And they get to keep those 2 sales for training us. But after that we don’t share a dime.

    for more information you can visit my website:

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    How many of you are making consistant money every month with little effort in what you are doing? Just curious.



    I work at home with a company called Four Point Group. We provide our own leads and register people via internet and phonet to become business builders/preferred customers to Melaleuca. We do not sell anything, however everyone purchases 35 product points a month. It is a great company and so far I have been really successful. Only a little way to go and they make my car payment for me on top of what I originally make! It is $1 to start for right now which it is usually $29 so ya’ll should try it out!




    I am a discount travel consultant. I absolutely LOVE it! You can’t imagine how great it is to send people on cruises for $60 per person or send someone to Asia for $800 less then you would pay anywhere else online (You read right)!

    I meet new exciting and fun people everyday, and I get to hear about their aweosme travel adventures and experiences. I help people plan their dream vacations and honeymoons and family get-aways, and you want to know the best part?

    I get to have all that fun and intereaction and THEN I get paid for it!!!

    If you are looking for something that is fun, exciting, fullfilling, and pays awesome ($1800-$3600 per month PART-TIME + future qualification for $1500 car payment and $3000 per month home laon payment) feel free to email me and I’ll tell you all about it!!

    [email protected]

    Thanks and good luck with your home business!!!



    I am actually in the travel industry, as well! I was able to leave my job in pharmaceutical sales to stay at home! It is possible. Just be sure to find an opportunity that meets your needs and don’t settle for anything less. I needed to find a business that would allow me to make a good income upfront to replace my salary but also wanted some residual income.

    I have two businesses and love getting to meet and talk to new people (and grown ups) through out the day. Working from home has been a wild ride and I am enjoying every minute of it.

    If you like to travel, then there are many opportunities available out there to you. No matter what industry you are looking into, be sure to do your research and make sure you join a reputable company and will receive the necessary training and support.

    I wish you much success! God Bless!
    [email protected]

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