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    I am always wondering how home offices are like?

    Do you have home office? Or just a usual room with computer and stuffs in it, just like a regular bedroom, with bed and computer in it?

    Is yours the entire room a home office?

    Or just a corner of the room that is a home office?

    I am thinking of setting up an office in an extra room.

    Advice please.



    Well, Kelvin, my home office is a jumble of sorts. My desk and equipment sits at one end of a long room, and a “den” exists at the other end, complete with couch, TV, and stereo.

    However, the other end of the room doesn’t get much use – I spend most of my time in my office chair using the computer. My back is to the TV, so it is hard to watch from where I sit… lol.

    Basically my thoughts are this:
    1) you want your office to be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you end up relaxing if you should be working.
    2) if you work well with a bit of noise in the background (like I do), then a radio or a small TV could be placed in the room – just don’t spend too much time watching it… 🙂
    3) make sure that your family understands that the office is your work space. My son tends to drift out here in my office and play or just roam around – he forgets that I’m working sometimes.

    I’m sure that you will find a set up that works for you. Good luck!



    Hi Kevin,

    Well my home office is really my room. I have a regular table. My computer is on it and a printer. I have a lot of papers on the table which I need to clean because it is really starting to have a lot of dust.

    If you have enough space in your room then you can set up an office there. It does not have to be any fancy shmency office.



    My home office is a spare room I share it with the wife..she has one corner and I have the other but its big…:)



    my office is a corner of my dinning room lol.



    My office is down the back of the house..we have three bedrooms and made one of them into the all looks pretty cool actually..I bet yours does too. 😉



    A home office is normally – a desk , a chair and a filing cabinet !!
    But it is our corner and hopefully the most profitable part of our homes.



    At one time I had a home office that was a seperate room from the rest of the house. However, I find that I am more productive when I am not off in a secluded area, so I am usually working on my laptop in the dining room or living room.

    I am home by myself alot, so this works for me, and if someone stops by, I generally keep working while we chat. 😀

    When my husband is home, we are able to spend time together still even if I am working, because my “office” is portable. :p



    It is my opinion you need a seperate area for your home office. This is your business and not a hobby…at least i hope. I feel everyone needs to treat this as THEIR career and for me, a home office is a must.



    My office consists of a laptop and a lazyboy.

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    Hi, Depending on your buisness you may need an entire room or just a corner. My advice is the more room the better. I have papers i like to file for future references. Like people i have talked to, i write down everything name,phone,where there from, what they do now for a career. I try to get very personal with them because for me its important to sell yourself first not just what your selling ect. So i need alot of room, base the space you need by what you are going to do with it i guess im saying.:cool:



    a PC, few chairs and lots of books.
    This is what my home office contains.



    I took one of our extra spare bedrooms and turned it into my office. I love it! 😉



    I had a separate room for my office, but decided to turn it into my living room. I realized I could get a tax write off for it, but then someone told me when I do decide to sell my house, I may have to pay it back or the amount is deducted…something like that. I did not research it further as I had already decided to use it for my living room.

    So, I simply moved my desk/computer into my family room and I work from there.


    Travel Mom

    My home office was a small part of my dining room, but as my business has grown, it has taken over my dining room!:mad: The goal is to add on once my business has paid off all other bills!:D I can’t wait!!!

    Julie Nelson

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